Mountains and glaciers


We really enjoyed our three weeks of working and staying in one place but at some point soon we need to get back to our main intention of living a reasonably normal live in downtown Buenos Aires, that means completing our adventures in the far south. We are currently in El Calafate, argentine for blueberry, where the main attraction is the Perito Moreno glacier. This is one the world’s few growing glaciers,  which is great news for the tourist industry here. To get to the glacier you need to follow the source of lago Argentino, passing chillan flamingos en route. The lake is bright turquoise and is a stunning backdrop for the vivid pink and black of the  birds. The journey takes about an hour and a half with the glacier hiding behind each bend, finally it reveals itself, and at 4km across, 5km at its face, and 70mtrs high you wonder how it kept hidden. The bus drops you at the park entrance and you then makes our way down a series of walkways and platforms which help make viewing easier, just like gazing into a fire, watching ice can be mesmerising,  especially when you consider that this huge mass of ice is not stationary, but moving at 2mtrs per day. There is a loud cracking noise every so often as the ice buckles under the pressure it has created as it slides down the mountain on a layer of pulverised rock and then just like a giant arcade machine the front face is pushed too far and it topples into the water with a loud boom. Some of these pieces are larger than a house, a lot larger and the splash they make is as impressive as the noise. Not all the ice from these falls end up in the water, some gets thrown onto the shore, infact from 1966 to 1988 22 people have been killed from being hit by ice debris, of course these people were naturally selected as they stepped off the walkways to create their intimate encounter with nature.
Unfortunately 2 hours flew by, rain also helped us move on and back to our bus. I guess Perito Moreno has been here a while and will be here a while longer if we want to return.

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