Warren’s other woman – all fur coat and …

It’s true – he’s fallen for a cutie with deep smouldering eyes who follows his every word and loves his cooking (well, peanut and banana doggie treats anyway!). La Lula is outside the door waiting for her Master each morning, ready to lick his ankles and bound around his feet for just about the whole day. After ‘sit’, ‘lie down’ and ‘roll over’ training beside the pool she’s ready to chase her homemade toys . . . but hasn’t quite mastered ‘fetch’  yet! (So, Master has to run around collecting them up again ) She’s starting to understand ‘stay’ which means we can now walk in to town without Lula joining us – I just wonder how long she ‘stays’ before she realises she’s been left and can chase the chickens unchecked for hours!!

Well, the cutest Boxer in the Southern Hemisphere cannot be left chilly for the winter, so my project for the last two days has been to create a cosy jacket befitting a beauty. The fur lining and bespoke ‘Lula’ name-label is something puppies in Kensington would look at longingly! (Mum, did you realise I had the sewing skills to whip up such a thing??) I’m now working on new horse blanket design for the polo ponies (they need keeping warm in winter too). So, perhaps my next vocation will be in the personalised animal garment industry . . . there must be folk with too much money who want such things.

All orders to Hotel del Campo, Argentina!


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