Wine Tasting

Day one of our new chapter – Mendoza.

We are going to be based on the edge of the Andes for the next month – 1000km from Buenos Aires. The plan is to indulge in red wine, tango, Spanish lessons and being tourists! Within 24 hours we had our first taste of Malbec in its new homeland and signed up to a tasting with the Bodega Margot at the Cantina Wine Club.


Fruity with nuance of roses


Maula, on the picture below, is the name of the cat in a famous tango song by Carlos Gardel. He wrote ‘Maula and the misery mouse’ – poor mouse, he’s tormented on all their wine bottle labels!

Swotting up on wine tasting we learnt not to wear perfume/aftershave (to not damage our ‘nose’ for detecting delicate aromas) and that a new App will store wine details so that we know what to look for in the supermarket.

I’m not sure that we’re on the road to being wine connoisseurs, but we tried a rosé and three reds with the verdict that the most expensive one was the tastiest! Our next tasting will probably be by cycle-tour from the town of Maipu about 40km from here. We’ll keep you posted if we find a gem . . .

2 thoughts on “Wine Tasting”

  1. Mendoza is a beautiful oasis city with tree lined avenues and mountains to the west, unfortunately as it lies in a valley the smog haze doesn’t get blown away, which means the view of the mountains is not as crisp as it could be. That said I think the word smog sounds much worse than it is.


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