Provincia Entre Rios (Between Rivers Province)

Amber and Cameron have safely arrived in Argentina and are starting to explore pastures new with us. After five days in Buenas Aires (tango, asado, sightseeing, meeting SERVAS friends) we headed north to La Aurora del Palmar (a private nature reserve) in Entre Rios.
The province sits between the rivers Paraná and Uruguay and appears to basically be a flood plane. After the dry, mountainous views from Mendoza it felt quite different to travel through the flatlands of Entre Rios yesterday. There seemed to be plenty of water across the lowlands which meant more wildlife and pastures – we spotted lots of birds, cattle and horses on the journey north and although we haven’t travelled a huge distance (just 5 hours) it’s much warmer too.


Warren found a little gem here as we’re staying in a old railway wagon, with views across the park and lots of activities. This morning we took the Cabalgatas option and spent an hour pony trekking through the dry grasses and eucalyptus plantation. This afternoon we’re taking the jeep safari where hopefully we’ll learn a bit more about the palm trees which are unique to this area of Argentina/Uruguay.

The Yatay palm is tall tree which used to dominate the area, but has been almost lost to pastureland. It is protected both in this Reserve and the Parque Nacional del Palmar just a few miles down the road. The existing trees are about 500 years old and are home to pigeons and paraqueets, but we tasted the yatay syrup at breakfast this morning and it was delicious; syrupy and fruity with a hint of molasses.

Tomorrow we’re planning a canoe trip and the next day we’ll be back on the road, heading north to Iguazú Falls. The plan thereafter is yet to be formed, so watch this space . . .

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