1 Month in the North of Argentina

Despite moving quite far away, Amber and Cameron finally caught up with us and together we have spent the last four weeks touring around the North of Argentina. It has been a very busy schedule, but we also managed to stay ahead of the rainy weather and keep interest levels high, so much so that both Amber and Cameron insisted on contributing to our blog…

Within what feels like a short amount of time we have managed to see so many different parts of Argentina. From the busy city of Buenos Aires to the dry countryside of El Palmer, the jungle and waterfalls of Iguazu, the Wetlands in Posadas, the colourful mountains in Salta then the long bus journey back the the city.


It’s hard to compare everything but the thrilling highlight for everyone was definitely the boat trip in Iguazu that took us through the falls getting everyone soaked to the skin.


The Safari in Posadas was amazing for wildlife seeing hundreds of wetland birds, plenty of Caiman, a family of Howler monkeys and walking amongst the Capybara. 


The days just kept getting better and better.

Argentina is pretty good

Good food

Good sights


Goucho Cameron

Strangely enough the comfy first class bus back to Buenos Aires brought about the largest smiles…


They are on their way back home today to enjoy the end of the British summer and bask in the glory of exam results.

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