Things we love about Mendoza;

  • It’s always a blue sky day
  • It’s so dry the washing is always ready to pick-in of an afternoon, a packet of biscuits will never loose it’s crisp and autumn leaves are in crunchy piles ready for jumping in to
  • A cool Peruvian restaurant just around the corner (Sabores del Peru – great Pisco Sour!)
  • Siesta time is sacred, despite being a big city, so buy your fruit and veg before midday or after 5pm
  • So many types of wine to try
  • Parks, plazas and tree lined avenues – we can always find a nice space to chill or people watch in the afternoon sun and random stalls pop-up at weekends and evenings
  • Tango – Mon/Wed/Fri lessons and a Sunday Milonga
  • It’s easy to get around – the centre is a square kilometre, so nothing is far away, and our travel card means hopping on the train, trolley or bus costs just 40p
Plaza Italia – five minutes walk away

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