One Month Is Not Enough!

Mum and Mike have been out to visit! And even with our best tour guiding skills they have discovered it’s not possible to ‘do’ Argentina in a month. They arrived in sunny Buenos Aires in late February and by staking out their hotel like private detectives we were able to surprise them in the Reception and give a half-day orientation around the capital. This included awarding them with their own Sube card (essential for using the public transport system) and dragging them down the nearest Subte (underground station) to visit a Servas friend and enjoy their first alfajores and factoras (yummy cakes).
Then we left them, with strong warnings about personal safety (no waving your dollars about in public, Mike!), and headed back to our work place in Los Cardales.

They had a great few days exploring BA (wondering around La Boca, as if it’s a safe place to be!!), then came to join us at the farm for a few days. It was great for them to see our base, and we had a day trip to Capilla del Señor together, but it wasn’t easy to balance a family visit with a busy hotel weekend (lots of laundry to do and cooking for 15!). Before the rain came, and the roads became impassable, they hopped in a taxi to Pilar, caught the Pilar Express to BA and the Via Bariloche coach south to Patagonia.
It took us 3 months to explore Bariloche and the lands further south, so we were able to make a few recommendations and  pass on the essential maps for Mum & Mike to enjoy the area too. They agree that the overnight bus with cama (bed) really is a great way to travel – with snacks,  films, loo stops, comfy recliners and great scenery it’s better than a long haul flight! They were so impressed that they took a second overnight bus down to La Calafate -28 hours . . . thank goodness for compression hosiery!
So, they spent a week in Bariloche enjoying the late summer sunshine, visiting Colonia Suiza and the surrounding lakes, before continuing south to the glaciers and dramatic Andes near El Calafate. Did they taste a blueberry? If so, rumour has it that they will return!
They had better weather than us to visit Perito Moreno glacier and saw plenty of ice calving from the glacier face into the meltwater lake – so lucky!

Then it was back to the capital before whisking me up north to Las Cataratas, Iguazú. The falls are truely spectacular with well built walkways which allow for views right over the edge and from the bottom too. It’s so hot up there, it’s perfectly refreshing to be doused in spray.  Mum and Mike took this to the extreme and took a boat trip right under the falls!

The four of us spent a final 2 days in BA together,  taking in a Milonga, tango show and city sights – then it was time for goodbyes. Back to work for us and homeward bound for Mum & Mike.
I think they are now new ambassadors for this amazing country, so all travel enquiries to Okehampton please (just let us know when you’re coming to visit!)


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